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MYCD was set up in 2010 by Emma Ribbing and Khamlane Halsackda as a creative forum for 15-21 year olds.


We provide dance training, but the group is not aiming to be a school, instead a platform for exchanges between freelance contemporary dance professionals and young people within the region of Skåne, providing opportunities for all freelancers to introduce and demonstrate the variety of contemporary dance styles that enrich the city of Malmö. They also get a chance to create big group choreographies,  as this remains a rare thing for many freelance choreographers. Through MYCD artists like us get the chance to develop our ideas alongside our audiences.


The youths benefit from being able to perform as well as achieve a fuller understanding of contemporary art and dance from the very people that are active today within the field. By providing a safe and fun environment, and through the artistic processes that involve MYCD's youth, we encourage confidence, individualism, entrepreneurial thinking, expressiveness and the importance of working as a team.


MYCD welcomes youths of all levels of dance experience!